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M5 Mini Ice Premium LED Lights


M5 Mini Ice Premium LED Lights are the most similar in bulb shape and size to the popular and traditional Christmas mini lights. Save on power and enjoy brilliant illumination for years longer with M5 LED Christmas lights. 

Choose from a large selection of vibrant colors for the best in holiday lighting.

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  • Commercial Quality-UL Listed

  • Indoor / Outdoor durability

  • Bulbs are cool to touch-No filaments to burn out

  • If one light goes out, the rest stay on

  • Fully Rectified

  • Last up to 16x longer than traditional mini lights

  • Use 90% less electricity than incandescent bulbs

  • Solid epoxy bulb (Non-breakable)

  • Single Mold Construction (Non-removable bulbs) Water tight

  • M5 (mini ice) Rated: .02 Amps per set. 3.6 Watts per set

  • Max sets connected: Up to 43 sets on a single run

  • Poly bag packaging-makes installation a breeze

  • Vibrant color

  • Colors will not fade or peel-UV protected


  • 70 Lights per strand

  • 4” spacing between bulbs

  • String Length: 25’

  • Lead Length: 6”

  • Tail Length: 6”

  • End to End Connection

  • 22 gauge Wire

  • Average Hours: Up to 100,000

  • Rectified Sets

  • Green Wire

  • 25 sets/case

Available Colors

Available Wire Colors and/or Accessories


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