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LED Snowfall Tube Lights


LED Snowfall Lights for commercial and residential uses. Use outdoors on trees, along fences, and as icicle lights. Integrate Cascade lights, Falling Icicles, and Snowfall lights into outdoor or tree lighting schemes. Snowfall lights are gaining popularity fast and delight everyone.

Grand Cascade™  tubes screw into standard C9 sockets, and LED technology allow for many tubes to be used on a single string. Choose from 12″, 24″, or 36″ tubes in five popular colors, an display varying lengths for the greatest impact.

Falling Icicles are now available in five lengths! Screw into standard C7 sockets. Also LED lights, Falling icicles include a dripping bulb mold for increased effect.

LED lights chase down tubes for unique holiday and party lighting effects—great in trees and along roof lines.

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24" LED cascading light tube featuring 32 LEDs positioned down each tube, creating a cascading light effect. Different drop speeds between each cycle, and random drops when multiple tubes are connected together. Perfect for trees, fences, rooflines, building fronts, or anywhere you want to create a big impact. White cord, 6" co-axial male and female ends. Tubes are connect end to end. Can connect up to 200 tubes end to end per power cord. Additional spacer wire required for further tube spacing. Water tight tubes, co-axial connections screw together and will not pull apart, and can be seen from all sides, 360 degree view. Big impact, does not require alot of tubes.


  • Indoor or Outdoor Use.

  • Connect up to 200 tubes end to end.

  • Available in 12, 24 and 36 inch lengths.

  • Watertight Tubes can be viewed from all sides.

  • Random drops when multiple tubes are connected.

  • LEDs light down the tube, creating a cascading light effect.

  • Different drop speeds between each cycle.

  • Connect different tube lengths (or colors) for different effects.

  • Choose from 12" tubes with 16 LEDs, 24" tubes with 32 LEDs or 36" tubes with 48 LEDs.

  • 12" tubes weigh approx 4 oz, 24" inch tubes weight approx 8 oz and 36" tubes weight approx 12 oz

  • 2 foot, 5 foot and 10 foot space wires available for greater versatility when hanging in trees.

  • Tubes sold individually.

  • Required 50100 Power Cord sold separately. You do not need a power cord for every tube, only for each outlet you plan on using.                             

  • Wire colors: White or Black

  • 5 tubes/pack

Available Colors

Available Wire Colors and/or Accessories


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