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G50 OptiCore LED Fairy Light Bulbs


Cast a golden glow, and do it in style, with these remarkable LEDimagine fairy light bulbs. Inside this G50 patio light bulb are 15 gold LED fairy lights. The result is a bulb that adds novel lighting to your parties, holidays or special evenings, while making a beautiful conversation piece at the same time. Combine sizes and colors of LEDimagine lights to create a look that is just right for you.

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  •  G50 LED bulbs, E17 base.

  •  Fairy light bulbs make beautiful pendant lighting

  •  Highly durable bulb construction with a lifespan up to 20,000 hours.

  •  Nickel plated bases prevent corrosion and improve connectivity, saving you time and money.

  •  Low watt LED bulbs allow you to safely make longer runs of light. Non-Dimable

  •  Energy efficient bulbs reduce power needs by up to 90%.

  •  LED bulbs always remain cool to the touch.

  •  Indoor / Outdoor use.


  • 50mm bulb diameter                       

  • 100% glass lens

  • 120 volt bulb

  • Light Display: Steady

  • Watts per bulb: 1                                

  • E17 (C9) Base                                    

  • Diodes: 15

  • 5 bulbs/box

  • 20 bulbs/case

Available Colors

Available Wire Colors and/or Accessories


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