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C9 OptiCore Smooth LED Bulbs


OptiCore  LED Retrofit Bulbs are the state of the art brightness, color, technology and durability. Thick polycarbonate lens walls are virtually unbreakable and saturate the lens with light and color. 

SMD diodes produce brilliant color and even greater efficiency than standard LEDs. When you want the best, OptiCore is your bulb.

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  • Commercial Quality-UL Listed

  • Indoor / Outdoor durability

  • SMD (Surface Mounted Diode) LED Technology for brilliant light and reflective corn design for superior optics

  • Thicker bulb walls provide more vivid color saturation

  • Rated for an average of 60,000 hours

  • Removable bulbs provide flexibility for easy replacement

  • Top quality dimmable bulbs are perfect for custom light displays

  • Bulbs are cool to touch-No filaments to burn out

  • Use 90% less electricity than incandescent bulbs

  • Vibrant color


  • E17-Intermediate Base                                                   

  • Constructed with polycarbonate

  • 120 Volt bulb                                                                   

  • .84 Watts                                                                

  • Display: Steady 

  • Diameter 1.18"                                                               

  • Bulb Shape: Smooth/Opaque                                

  • Dimmable 

  • 25 bulbs/bag 

  • 500 bulbs/case (20 bags)

Available Colors

Available Wire Colors and/or Accessories


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