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5mm Contractor LED Lights


Get amazing color, brilliant light, and the durability and energy efficiency of LED all in 1 package with Kringle Traditions 5 mm LED balled mini light sets. The rugged polystyrene 5 mm concave lens casts light in a bright halo, creating a beautiful glow perfect for Christmas lights or string lights any time of year. The acrylic lens is virtually unbreakable, and the color is infused into the lens so the colors are true and won't fade, chip or crack over time. The sealed one piece husk is designed to keep moisture out. These pre-balled sets come packaged for quick installation: no untangling, no unbagging, no twist ties... just open the box, grab a set and you are on your way to decorating.  Extra fuses are taped to the inside of the box flap and not taped to the strand for easy installation. Kringles last up to 100,000 hours

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  • If one light goes out, the rest stay on

  • Bulb lifespan up to 100,000 hours

  • Indoor / Outdoor rated

  • Patented sealed husk construction eliminates corrosion from moisture for  longer life.

  • LEDs use up to 90% less energy


  • Female plug: End-to-End 22 gauge wire. 

  • Voltage: 120 volt 

  • 50 5mm LED Wide Angle Bulbs

  • Full Wave, Steady (not twinkle)

  • Twist Proof

  • Non-removable

  • 25/case

  • Please NOTE that we do not break cases

Available Colors

Available Wire Colors and/or Accessories


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