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Shingle Tab USA


These durable shingle tabs can be used with parapet clips to hang Christmas lights from the roof. Shingle tabs are easy to install under roof shingles or clay tiles. Plus, they're reusable!


  • Holds Bulb Sizes: C6/C7/C9 bulbs

  • Wide base for uneven shingles

  • Double back base for increased grip

  • No staples, nails or tools required

  • Easy to install Hang both LED and incandescent C7 & C9 light bulbs

  • Easy installation under roof shingles and clay tiles or use with a parapet clip on flat surfaces

  • Installation and removal is quick and simple thanks to the easy-grip tab

  • Sturdy and reusable dual leg design. Saint Nick Approved.

  • 500 loose per box



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