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Shimmering Cool White LED Crystal 8-Pt Star


Stylized like a Bethlehem star, this magnificent Christmas Tree topper will light the way to your town center, office building or church. The cool white LED light is amplified through a layer of shimmering faceted pendants, crowning your giant tree tree with all the radiance it deserves.


  • Covered with translucent faceted pendants for a dynamic light display

  • Choose from 36 or 48-inch topper to match tree size

  • Commercial grade tree topper, made for use with Olympia Pine and Giant Everest tower trees

  • Heavy duty commercial grade frame for outdoor use

  • Four-bolt base attaches securely to your tree

  • Brand: Red Sleigh TM


  • Twinkle Annimated 

  • Decor Color: White

  • Watts Per Bulb:0.03

  • Indoor / Outdoor Design Details: Wrapped in steady and twinkle 5mm cool white lights 



  • 74896 - 36 inch - 400 5mm LED bulbs       

  • 74897 - 48 inch - 500 5mm LED Bulbs            



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