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Light Protectors


Weather Protection for Cord Connection! Outdoor light protectors are great to waterproof lights from rain and melting snow.

Patented design protects electrical cord connections from the elements. Ideally used to protect holiday lighting cord connections.

Testing including shooting powerful water cannons at the Twist and Seal with a live electrical connection as well as rain, snow and sleet tests.

Uniquely designed to protect electrical cord connections from rain and melting snow! A MUST HAVE for Christmas Light installers, Municipalities, and Landscapers! No more duct or electrical tape, messy sprays, or liquid tape required. Twist and Seal is the perfect solution to all your Christmas Light outage problems! The perfect addition to your outdoor Christmas display…Unique locking mechanism keeps cords sealed and connected. 


  • Perfect for light to medium duty outdoor extension cord connections: pool pumps, outdoor lighting, outdoor fans or any light duty tools 

  • Unique design will keep outdoor extension cord connections dry all season 

  • Prevents electrical shock and tripped outlets 

  • Available in green, orange, and black 

  • Made of durable heavy duty commercial grade plastic that is UV & weather resistant

  • Built in cord relief design, cords won’t pull apart

  • Lab tested and proven to stay dry

  • Creates a watertight seal

  • NEMA 250-3R Rated – IP44 Rated

  • Made in USA with a 5-year warranty



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