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Lawn Stakes


Illuminate gardens, walkways, and lawns with holiday lawn stakes. Our products are commercial quality and made of sturdy plastic that will last year after year. 


  • UNIVERSAL USE: Our light stakes can  accommodate any string lights you own; Simply position the stake top to a flat position and wait for click sound then clip on the lights at the  bottom of the bulb - For or rope lights let the stakes top way up ready to install.

  • STICKING INTO THE GROUND: Use a screwdriver to make a pilot hole in harder ground:  stick the pointed end of the stake into the ground - Easy to install year after year to enjoy your holiday path lights.

  • ELEVATES  WIRES: These lawn stakes lift your lights off the lawn ensuring they’re always seen; even in tall grass, gravel driveways, and snowy weather!

  • ILLUMINATES  PATHWAYS: A great way to add holiday cheer to your lawn & driveway  Christmas lights, and illuminate your landscaping, sidewalks, and  pathways With outdoor Christmas lights.


  • 100 per bag

  • 500 per CASE


  • Lawn-Stake-5

  • Lawn-Stake-10



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