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C7 Spools


Our C7 spools are sold in bulk without bulbs, so you can cut to the exact length you need for any application indoors or outdoors. Our wire and sockets are heavy duty commercial grade that will stand up in any winter!


  • Weep Holes: Located on the bottom of sockets. 

  • Allows water and air to flow through, keeping the socket drier.

  • UL Recognized Components, tested for your safety

  • Compatible with both LED and traditional incandescent bulbs                              

  •  Zip plugs can be added to spliced wires allowing for custom designed runs


  • Max Load for LEDs are 1000 bulbs per run.

  • Available in SPT1 and SPT2

  • Blank wire available too

  • Indoor/Outdoor Use

  • Plugs not included

  • 120V

  • Green and White wire

  • C7 spools 6, 12 and 24" available 

  • C9 spools 6, 12, 15 and 18" available

  • PLEASE CALL for Price Lists



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