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Bulk Wire


Build your own extension cord to your desired specifications with our bulk zipcord. Our 1000 and 500 foot spools of SPT-1 Extension Wire (Zip Cord) is ideal for making your own extension cords. Use our male and female plugs along with our extension wire to customize your C7 or C9 stringers. Use extension wire to add jumper wires on your roof lines or add a custom length of extension wire. The SPT-1 wire is rated at 8 Amps or 960 Watts. 


  • UL Listed to easily and safely connect your light displays

  • White wire is perfect for indoor displays

  • Male and female plugs sold separately

  • Indoor / Outdoor Rated


  • 1000 and 250 foot spool lengths. 

  • No plugs or end connectors included. 

  • 18 guage wire, 120 volts,  maximum                     

  • 960 Watts/8Amps 

  • SPT1 and SPT2 Wire available




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